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What Happens If You Eat One Meal a Day?

One Meal a Day is one of the most popular types of fasting around the world. Many people are used to eating at least two or three meals a day. But, if you make the decision to eat just one meal for a whole day, you can expect some functional changes in your health and body.

Surviving on a single meal throughout the day may seem very tough to you at the start of your fasting schedule. Hence, you must be wondering about the benefits, possible risks, and other important information about OMAD.

What is One Meal a Day (OMAD)?

OMAD is also a form of fasting. OMAD diet is extremely strict and more restricted than an ordinary fasting diet. You have to fast for a period of 23 hours and will get only one hour to obtain all the essential calories to function the next day properly. Such conditions might be too harsh for some people, so experts often suggest up to four hours of eating in an OMAD diet.

You can decide at any time of the day to eat your meal. The majority of the people decide to eat in the morning to obtain the necessary energy for the entire day of fasting. Whereas, afternoon hours between 3 PM to 7 PM are also widespread amongst OMAD fasters.

The significant outcome of the OMAD fasting is rapid weight loss. Even if you consume a large number of calories in your one-time meal, you can expect some weight loss due to fat burning and early autophagy.

Few of the benefits of the OMAD fasting are:

1.    Weight Loss

Like any other type of fasting, weight loss is the main reason why many people decided to adopt the OMAD diet. The maximum recommended calorie consumption in one meal is 2,000 calories. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should eat less than 2,000 calories to make sure the fats burning is happening continuously throughout the day. Moreover, once your body enters ketosis, it will start losing weight more rapidly and get more benefits of fasting.


2.    Healthy Appetite

OMAD allows you to form good eating habits, which will make your appetite healthy and balanced. Your body is capable of getting used to consuming just a single meal in day overtime. Eventually, you will not feel much hunger and can establish a balanced diet for yourself. It will bring many health benefits to your life.

3.    Reduce Risk of Chronic Diseases

Studies from reputed institutes, like, Ageing Research Reviews and Cellular Metabolism, shows that fasting can decrease your chances of developing chronic conditions. Hence, OMAD fasting is vital in refining your lifestyle and averting chronic diseases like stroke, cardiovascular problems, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. OMAD can also be beneficial in maintaining healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


OMAD fasting can help you in attaining outstanding results and recover your health in numerous ways. The one meal that you eat per day should be prearranged and appropriately proportionated to make sure that you are relishing the whole process and consuming a well-balanced diet.