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Transport with a double deck trailer will optimize the transportation of your goods

Choosing the right transport for your goods isn’t simple. Especially voluminous goods such as matrasses or foam products need special transport. The perfect solution to transport large quantities of goods is a double deck trailer. Choose transport with a double deck truck and trailer to optimize the transportation of your goods. A good partner for this is Blankers Transport. They are equipped with a large fleet of over 40 trucks, offer sharp prices and arrange transport across whole Europe.

The perfect solution to transport large quantities of goods

Blankers Transport has many trucks in their fleet that are designed for specialised transportation and are equipped with double loading floors. That way, they can assure to transport your voluminous goods as quickly and efficiently as possible across Europe. A double deck truck or trailer offers approximately double the capacity as a regular trailer. But how exactly does it work? First of all, loading goods into a double deck truck is not the same as loading a regular trailer. The difference can be found in the stacking of the good. To enable double or triple stacking, the fleet is equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism. When all decks are loaded, they are gently lowered into their final positions in the trailer. Transportation costs will be reduced, because you might need just the one double deck trailer truck instead of two or three. Thanks to the route tracking system in the fleet, you always receive up to date information about the location of your products. They will always take great care during loading and transporting your goods.

The safety or your goods is guaranteed

Are you interested in the services that Blankers Transport has to offer? Or do you want more information about it? Inquire about their services. They will tell you all about the safety of your goods or equipment during transport in the double deck trailer truck.