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Nanoparticle research Delft

Are you working in the industry and do you work with nanoparticles every day? Then you know better than anyone that one nanoparticle is not the other. These particles are processed in various industrial products, for example to improve their substance. Not all nanoparticles are suitable for every application. The properties of the particles are important. This is exactly what we at Solids Solutions research every day. We have focused on particle and powder technology. In our laboratory in Delft, everything is available to conduct thorough nanoparticle testing & research.

Performing BET surface analysis

To determine the specific surface of a solid, physical gas adsorption is used. In this case an inert gas is adsorbed on the surface of the substance. In most cases nitrogen is most suitable, but for some substances argon, krypton or carbon dioxide will give a better result. Gas adsorption results in a BET surface. Two methods can be used to perform a BET surface analysis. With the flow method the BET surface and the pore volume can be determined. The volumetric technique also provides information about the pore size distribution.

Events and knowledge centre

You can contact Solids Solutions if you need advice on the development of a certain product. We also share our knowledge in other ways, via the Solids Solutions academy. We regularly organise events, seminars and courses in the field of powder and particle technology. If you would like to view research documentation and articles, you can do so in our knowledge centre. Here you can download several documents and we can also send you a copy if you wish. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Are you stuck in the development of a product? Then call in our consultancy.