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History of painting

The first art was created by the Neanderthal man. There are cave paintings found from 31.000 years ago. This prehistoric paintings have been found all around the globe. In Africa in Europe and in Australia where paintings found by men. The oldest found paintings have been found in Africa. The archelogist think the paintings is 30,000 years old. They discovered the painting when they where in the Twyfelfontein in Namibia, in 1969. There were also paintings on walls found in the northern of Spain and in the Southwest of France.

The prehistoric paintings are very unique and special. There are 150 paintings found in the region in the Southwest of France and in the northern of Spain. The walls and the ceilings of the caves were covered with paintings. There were shades of red, brown, yellow and black. These paintings were created from a special kind of black powdered minerals. This powder was mixed with animal fat and animal blood. The paintings showed bisons, wild cattles and other deer. The paintings are mostly in the deeper parts of the caves.

The exact motive of these paintings was unclear for a long time. Nowadays we now more about them and the creators. It was not for a decorative purpose, but for some sort of religion. The precise motive is still unclear, but it has something in common with a believe in magic.

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