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What to know about automatic number plate recognition


The automatic number plate recognition system’s purpose and workings are largely simple to understand. It is a technical system that scans the number plates of moving objects in order to collect and retain data; it is also known as ANPR for short. Of course, the purchase of this system is not open to the general public. Automatic number plate recognition is most commonly used by law enforcement officers due to how much more effective it makes their work. Businesses can also use it to administer their websites.

How is ANPR used?

A few essential components make up the ANPR system. The camera is a particularly crucial component. The camera is what automatically determines the license plates and snaps photos of them as the vehicles drive by. Then there is the software for optical character recognition. The character recognition software system analyzes the photos after the camera captures pictures of the license plates in order to extract the necessary information. The database is the last item on the list. The data that the character recognition program extracts is stored in the database. When required it can thus be quickly accessible. 

What function does ANPR perform?

Depending on who uses it, the automatic number plate recognition system can be used for a variety of things. The parking lot can be managed if it is being used by enterprises to manage their sites. Anyone violating the parking lot rules can be caught using the ANPR. 

The system has a number of other uses if it is employed by law enforcement. The automatic number plate recognition technology can be used by law enforcement to find confirmed stolen or missing automobiles. They can also keep an eye on specific neighborhoods with high levels of criminal activity. Additionally, by comparing the criminal registry with the number plate database for any leads, they can utilize it to aid in the search for suspected offenders.

Need to know more?

The use of ANPR in traffic control is significant, and it will continue to advance over time. It will soon be put to much more diverse uses. Check out for more details if you want to know more about ANPR.