Oslo: The Global City

Oslo is not just the capital of Norway, it is an important city for the world as well. It is considered as a global city which means that it plays a great part in boosting economic growth at a global level. It is one of the most populous cities in Norway. It is considered as the most beautiful city in Norway. The beauty of Oslo can be judged by the fact that every year a large number of tourists visit the city and a large number of people permanently move to Oslo for better quality of life. With regards to quality of living, Oslo is right up at the top. The city is the economic and cultural hub of Norway. Its population is slightly less than 2 million. It is also famous for giving out the Nobel Peace Prize on an annual basis. Nobel Peace Prize center is also situated in this beautiful city.


The most popular sport in Oslo in Skiing. Skiing festival is held in the country every year. There are several different skiing centers and skiing museums in the city which are a huge attraction for tourists.

Things to Do In Oslo

There are a lot of amazing things one can experience in Oslo. Music lovers can visit Oslo Opera House. Over the past few years Oslo has become a significant European music center.  There are many famous and unique sculptures all around the city. The city is also known for its elegant restaurants. One can find a wide variety of restaurants in Oslo that serve Mexican , Italian and sub-continental food. Oslo is also home to a lot of cathedrals , fortresses and churches built in the medieval times.  Oslo has quite  a few museums. One of the famous museums in the city is the Viking Ship museums which contain ships that the Vikings used in the medieval times. There is also Edward Munch museum which contains a lot of paintings and sculptures, all done by Edward munch himself. Edward Munch was a famous Norwegian painter and a proud citizen of Oslo. If you are planning to visit Oslo you should keep in mind that there are several different ways one can enjoy the beautiful scenery and sites of the city. There are different programs that can help tourists have the best experience of their lives. People can tour the city on tour bus, bike, boat or even on foot. One can also get an Oslo pass which gives the person access to free bus rides and a lot of parks and other attractions. For accommodation, hotels are available at an affordable price throughout the city.

A Friendly Tradition

Oslo is also one of the most hospitable cities in the world. Tourists in Oslo are treated with great respect and hospitality. Oslo has a tradition of sending a Christmas tree every year to USA , England , Belgium, Denmark and Iceland for their support of Norway during World War II.

Hotel in Oslo

If you are planning to visit Norway then Oslo is a must visit city for you. You can find budget hotels in Oslo with all the necessities and perks of a luxurious hotel. Even though Oslo is a business Hub of Norway and a global city , still one can  find Hotels at a very affordable price which makes it easier for tourists to travel there. 


Oslo is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities of Norway. Everyone who likes to travel should at least visit Oslo once in their lifetime. The city has a lot of beautiful sites and attractions along with affordable hotels which make it a great destination for tourists. More information about a budget hotel in Oslo