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Does your project require a 5D bend?

Are you planning a pipeline project that will transport corrosive substances, such as sewage water or seawater? Then your project may require the use of a 5D bend. This bend has a radius that is five times larger than a standard bend. This larger radius makes it an excellent choice for projects that will transport corrosive substances. A 5D bend is much harder to produce than, for instance, a 3D bend due to its thickness. However,, the online expert at pipes and parts, has them readily available at their website. They can also elaborate on the available models.

Do you want to add a barred tee for maintenance?

If you are working on a pipeline project, then you should also look into the use of a barred tee. A barred tee is a type of pipe fitting that functions as a security method for maintenance pigs. When a maintenace pig flows through the pipelines, it follows the flow of the pipelines. This makes it so that the pig cannot flow into a branch it was not intended for. A barred tee contains bars to prevent the pig to flow into a branch where it is not supposed to flow into. The website of contains product information on the barred tee and different options of the product.

Contact an expert for more product information

When you are planning the construction of a multipurpose pipeline or when you are unsure which type of pipes are required for your project, contact an expert. is the leading online expert on all sorts of pipes, fittings and maintenance of your pipes. Are you looking for more information on a 5D bend or a barred tee? Their website contains selected product data on each of their products. Furthermore, if you have any questions, you can always contact their helpdesk to assist you in your choices.