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Buy the full range of SpeakON cables

For every concert you need to buy a whole arrangement of audio cables, such as those from SpeakON, to make sure that all equipment is correctly connected. In that case it is a good idea to choose for LivePower. This store near Brussels provides a lot of cables in bulk. Thanks to their easy-to-use webshop, you will be able to buy all kinds of audio cables, such as their SpeakON cables, in every length. They also have female and male connectors.

What are SpeakON cables?

Are you in need of a cable between your newest speakers and amplifiers? Then you will need a connecting cable. Of course there are plenty of different brands which sell these connecting cables, such as Cordial. These experts even have their own brand. One of the most famous and high-quality cables are the SpeakON connecting cables. At LivePower you will find a whole range of these audio cables from SpeakON that you can buy online or at their store near Brussels. Will you choose for the CPL 5 LL 44 or is an CPL 5 PP more what you search? Everything is possible thanks to their endless range of cables. Just in case you wouldn’t find the right fit, these specialists offer a very special service for you. You are able to choose your own design and they will make it themselves. This is perfect when you need very uncommon combinations.

Contact them about their products

Are you not entirely sure which cable will fit your device or do you need these products in a large amount? Then contact them quickly and ask them all your questions or concerns! They will gladly help you further and search the correct materials you need. Before you know it, they will send the audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables, your way.