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A retail design agency that meets your needs

Claessens Erdmann is a design agency that focuses on creating unique spaces, for example in retail. By controlling all stages of the spatial creative process, they are able to design and build projects for their partners in different industries such as retail, food and leisure experiences. They aim to change these experiences by thinking intuitively and creatively. This team consists of experienced people who all have a passion for concept creation. Strategic consultants, interior architects, graphic designers and engineers are some of the occupations you will find here. That means lots of knowledge and creativity under one roof!

Creating your retail space

As mentioned, this design agency is very capable of creating your retail space. The working process starts with a strategy. This includes branding and positioning, customer journey mapping and making a schedule of requirements. After determining a strategy, it is time to create a design. For example, interior architecture, lighting and in-store communication design are all part of this. The final step in creating your retail space is the implementation. This means it is time for engineering, permits, calculations and project management. They have already done these steps for lots of companies such as Ace & Tate, Kruidvat and Action. In other words, Claessens Erdmann is an experienced retail design agency that is happy to help you out as well.

Contacting these professionals

Would you like to know more about this retail design agency? Do not hesitate to contact the specialists and ask everything you need to know before making an informed decision. Calling or emailing these specialists is the first step to create the perfect space that fits the needs and wishes of your target group. They will be triggered to come in and view and buy your products. And that is the end goal of course!